Our Consultants Focus on the People Side of Change

We Move People Forward

Building business value. Creating momentum. Moving your business forward faster, better, and more profitably than the competition.

That’s what our clients do.

At Abreon, we see ourselves as catalysts. Specialists at nurturing and inspiring people to those “ah-hah” moments that can ignite businesses towards compelling, transformative growth.

That’s what we do.

No business grows or changes without its people. The real work, the real change –- the progress that drives business forward — happens from the people up.

We move your business forward by moving your People Forward.


We Maximize People Performance

Since 1983, Abreon has helped more than 1,200 Fortune 5000 companies around the world successfully implement new technologies, new skills, and new ways of doing business by helping people learn powerful new behaviors.

Our more than 250 credentialed consultants deliver proven behavior-change services — in Organizational Change Management, Communications, and Training — to help organizations navigate the intersection of people and change.

We not only ensure successful technology implementations — we are education partners with SAP, Oracle, Knoa, Allscripts, and more — we help you assess and optimize your technology investments to ensure maximum productivity and ROI.

Beyond technology implementations, we will upskill your employees and develop competencies to support a variety of business-critical initiatives.

Learn more about our people-focused consulting services below.

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Learn how we'll move your People Forward.

Checklist of Abreon Services and Solutions

  • Change Management Planning / Support
  • Communications Planning / Implementation
  • Education Program Planning / Training Strategy
  • Custom Curriculum Development
    • Participant Guides, Work Instructions, Exercises, Job Aids, eLearning, Simulations, Virtual Content, Assessments
  • Training and Logistics Planning / Execution
  • Training Delivery (U.S. & Global)
    • Train-the-Trainer (TTT), Instructor-Led (ILT), Blended Learning, eLearning (WBT/CBT)
  • Coaching / Help Desk Support
Technology Change & Adoption 
  • SAP
  • Ariba
  • SuccessFactors
  • Oracle
  • Taleo
  • Retek
  • Siebel
  • JDE
  • PeopleSoft
  • Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM and AX
  • Retail Applications (JDA)


Business Training & Optimization
  • Translation of Documentation
  • Culture Change
  • Diversity
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Security
  • Performance Improvement
  • Employee Development
  • Recruiting & Talent Management
  • Onboarding & New Hires
  • Product Training
  • System Navigation