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Instructional Delivery Services

Not everyone is a trainer.  Abreon’s experienced consultants understand how to engage users and manage a classroom.  Whether you need trainers to support an existing rollout or need us to relieve the burden of a training logistics nightmare, Abreon is here to help.  Our consultants have delivered training to a myriad of audiences including C-level executives, physicians, engineers, shopfloor workers, IT professionals, sales people, etc.  In support of your change,

Abreon delivers:

  • training logistics planning and support
  • LMS administration
  • train-the-trainer
  • custom training courses
  • workshops
  • one-on-one coaching
  • on-the-job observation / coaching
  • webinars
  • instructor-led training
  • eLearning

Abreon’s consultants do what it takes to ensure that end users have the “ah ha” experience in the classroom.

In addition to Instructional Delivery, Abreon provides Instructional Design Services.