Digital Transformation with Microsoft Office 365

Getting Everyone Involved

Microsoft Office 365 touches your most important assets: Your people. We have the tools to ensure their success—recognizing that delays, uncertainties and a lack of adequate training could have a potential impact to your business.


Our Approach

Abreon’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) Program ensures that an enterprise and its employees are prepared for and able to sustain the Microsoft Office 365 changes. Our program uses a proven, four-pronged approach that includes:



Our training take a progressive approach which starts with foundational learning and builds to hands-on practice to increase user proficiency. Flexible curriculum paths are determined through self-assessments and manager recommendations—and can be personalized to meet the needs of the individual using both off-the-shelf and custom-built courses, eLearning, labs, exercises, and scenarios.


The Office 365 communication approach is focused, two-way, and interactive to increase individual’s understanding of the project, set expectations, and generate excitement. Key messages are delivered regarding the project overview, what’s changing, the implementation plan, and post go-live updates. Varied communications are distributed through manager briefings, the Office 365 resource center, email, instant messenger, and office posters and tent cards.

End-User Support

A tiered model of support provides for a variety of support mechanisms—ensuring users can find answers on their own through the online resource center, but they can turn to local super users or the help desk if they get stuck. The super user program is all about supporting business continuity during adoption and facilitating the learning curve, which comes with all technology implementations.


Collecting feedback about the OCM program allows for real-time adjustments during implementation and establishes value for future projects. Measurements are collected through change surveys, focus groups and “pulse checks”—brief surveys conducted in the resource center to capture targeted feedback.

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