We Assess the Performance of Your Technology Investments

We Maximize Performance, Productivity, and ROI

Your technology or process change is completed, but it’s not delivering the expected levels of performance or productivity — because there are gaps in your people’s knowledge. By embedding true analytics into your decision-making, we’ll help you identify soft spots in your people’s knowledge to maximize their mastery of your business tools, reduce costs, boost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

Our Workforce Optimization consultants will help you:

  • Use industry-standard assessment tools to identify gaps in training and design blended learning solutions that significantly improve competence.
  • Establish a governance module for ongoing updates associated with communication/training.
  • Create a central repository of content/business process information.
  • Implement an enduring training program, as well as new-hire programs, to reduce time to competency.
  • Establish Super User programs that operationalize the role.
  • Administer ongoing training through software, such as ANCILE uPerform and SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB).

Your Results

  • Refined skills and adoption that drive business results
  • Measurable results that ensure proficiency
  • Reduced time to competency
  • Customized solutions for course correction