SAP S/4HANA Change & Technology Adoption

SAP S/4HANA Change & Technology Adoption

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Challenge: A New Way to Work

With S/4HANA, extensive SAP® customizations are abandoned for best-in-class standardized processes. But changing the system less to match your business means changing your business more to match the system. The advantages to this are simplicity, power, speed and agility. Your organization can ingest, connect and understand more data—and create real business advantages from the resulting insights. Getting from here to there, however, is anything but simple to the people involved. The promise of this new technology may come with some serious growing pains for previous users.

Meeting Your People’s Needs

For companies acknowledging this, the answer has been change management programs including custom education and training prepared and delivered to the right people at the right times—before, during and post implementation. From end users to project teams to executives, understanding what your people need in order to comfortably transition to S/4HANA will make a tremendous difference in how quickly and successfully your project is executed.

Move Your People Forward with Abreon

Abreon views your implementation from the perspective of your people. We’ve consulted on numerous S/4HANA implementations and our custom Change Management Program for S/4HANA has been developed to address the challenges that your teams will face:

End Users: Abreon helps organizations to drive change organically. We conduct assessments and prevent resistance through education and engagement programs.

Project Teams: Abreon supports project teams with the optimized SAP® Activate methodology and conducts training to facilitate communication and education.

Executives: Abreon helps gain executive sponsorship and pinpoints gaps by measuring progress and providing accurate metrics that ensure your success.

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