SAP User Experience Management by Knoa Services

SAP User Experience Management by Knoa Services

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Challenge: Focus on End Users

Companies spend millions of dollars implementing SAP® technology only to discover that challenges with adoption, compliance and training make it hard to realize the full value of their SAP investments. From developing user-centric migration strategies to ensuring the optimized use of the technology after implementation, success depends on making sure that end users’ needs are met.

Real Insight Into SAP Systems

SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa helps address this by providing user analytics that allow greater visibility into the SAP system. It shows who is using SAP, where they are spending their time and what error messages they’re seeing—information that can be used to derive actionable insights into the overall user experience. Companies can provide proactive user support and targeted training by identifying when users are having trouble and reaching out to them directly with answers.

Using the information that UEM reveals, companies can measure adoption, identify potential process inefficiencies and remove roadblocks. UEM can provide valuable insight as you set out on the SAP S/4HANA® journey—helping you to understand how you are using SAP today and where you should focus your time and attention as you prepare for S/4HANA.

Get Started with Abreon

No one knows more about getting companies up and running with Knoa than Abreon. Abreon, a Knoa-certified partner, has more experience with UEM then any other partner company. We offer a full range of Knoa-related services—including implementation, training, analysis, managed services, and support.

Our analysis services allow customers to quickly see benefits from using Knoa while internal teams are learning to use the tool. Our services are available as a subscription so customers who lack the internal resources can derive benefits on an ongoing basis. Abreon removes any noise and provides 100% data-driven insight for your path to SAP excellence.

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