What Great Looks Like: Training Acceleration & Optimization

What Great Looks Like: Training Acceleration & Optimization

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The Speed of Transformation

Today’s organizations are operating in a competitive environment that moves faster than ever—with those that adapt, meet consumer demands, and go to market first winning the advantage. This speed of transformation, however, compels workforces to undergo continual role changes as strategies, products, and technologies shift. The workforce itself is becoming more agile, as new workers are staying less time in each position. Retiring or transitioning employees are trying to hit moving targets when passing on knowledge and experience.

Amplifying the Training Solution

Within an accelerated new business environment, traditional training hasn’t changed. It still takes the same amount of time and investment to implement training, as a person’s ability to understand and synthesize information is the same as it ever was. It is also increasingly possible that strategies and workforces will shift while training initiatives are underway. With these challenges, businesses that are anxious to see results are asking: How can employees more rapidly reach competency, and even proficiency, in their roles?

Realizing the Business Value in Training

Abreon recognizes that the true business value in training begins with the workforce knowing exactly what is expected of them and being managed to those expectations. Traditionally, these are the first and the last steps in a training program, setting expectations and managing to them. But, by extracting and emphasizing these two steps, training can be accelerated to meet business objectives. When coupled with traditional training, teams who understand “what great looks like” see stronger results than those who complete traditional training alone.

Abreon begins by clearly defining job roles and organizing primary activities, including an understanding of what each employee should ‘believe, know and do’—which values, knowledge and skills are needed for success. We endeavor to understand which areas individuals are needing to develop and provide the training necessary to meet the knowledge and skills required to achieve optimal performance. Finally, we help management to align with and reinforce the expectations of their teams. By understanding what great looks like, businesses are achieving greatness in their workforce with a critical advantage—speed.

Our Approach

With more than 30 years of change management and technology adoption experience, Abreon has helped more than 1,200 Fortune 5000 companies overcome human-behavior challenges that are unique to their specific sectors. Our vendor-agnostic approach and proven processes give you the best-in-class skills and tools to prepare your people for any change.

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