Three Change Management Truths

Abreon and Leapgen are leaders in change management consulting with years of combined experience helping companies manage change. Together, we present three simple change management truths that apply to any change initiative and the steps to take to ensure success.

Unlock Your Digital Workplace (With Keys You Probably Already Have)

When we hear terms like “Digital Workplace” or “Digital Transformation,” we often think of lengthy, expensive initiatives requiring consulting engagements and highly specialized software. Certainly, digitizing an organization has many facets, and some efforts do require a major shift across your organization. However, one critical component of digital transformation may be easier to achieve than you realize: creating the foundation for a Digital Workplace. With help from Abreon, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Top 10 Benefits to Partnering and Outsourcing Learning & Development in 2018

As the New Year stretches before us and you review your organizations’ goals and budgets for 2018, you will most likely be evaluating your learning and development (L&D) programs, including training. Training is as critical as ever to the success of an organization—especially to stay competitive in a fierce market. When your employees’ workdays revolve around processes, operational tasks, emails, meetings, and reports—there is little time for more high-value work, strategic planning, and creativity.