Executive Team
"People learn best when they understand exactly what is expected of them and when their learning is immediately relevant to the job they do. That is what Abreon's world-class instructional design is all about.”

Graham Edmondson

Graham Edmondson leads Abreon’s European work and is based in the United Kingdom. As we expand our business and take an increasingly global perspective, Graham is helping us support our key clients across the world, as well as direct key client relationships in the United States.

After almost 25 years of consulting experience, gained largely in top-tier, Big Four consulting firms, he brings a wealth of learning and development knowledge, along with extensive experience with international consulting engagements.

Graham’s areas of expertise include the creation of highly engaging, interactive instructional design solutions, and a comprehensive understanding of how to build performance standards (“What Great Looks Like”) that genuinely drive behavior change and performance improvement. His experience defining expectations and developing competency-based learning that drives business results has enabled Abreon to deliver measurable and tangible benefits to our clients. He has a deep understanding of how blended learning solutions enable the learning process, and he has managed projects in a range of business sectors, including Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and the Public Sector.

Graham’s background includes senior level consulting work with a range of clients across the United States as well as projects in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and Africa. Graham holds a B.A. (Hons) in Law and also possesses a degree in Psychology.