Executive Team
"My passion is streamlining our business operations, so that our consultants are free to quickly and thoroughly respond to client needs wherever and whenever they are required."

Stacy Tipton

Stacy Tipton is one of the chief reasons Abreon’s more than 250 credentialed consultants are able to seamlessly and effectively deliver proven behavior-change services in more than 14 countries around the world.

As Vice President of Corporate Services, Stacy leads Abreon’s HR, Finance, Risk Management, and Shared Services activities, and ensures that each area works in concert to advance the company’s strategic plan.

In addition to overseeing the company’s administrative and compliance duties, she is responsible for negotiating client agreements and for navigating increasingly complex rules and regulations to enable the delivery of Abreon services and solutions wherever and whenever our clients need them. Stacy recently played a key role establishing the company’s first global branch operation in Paris, France, where she serves as Abreon’s legal representative.

Stacy holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology and American Government/Politics from Georgetown University.