Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

Meeting Customer Expectations Through Innovation

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are under increasing pressure to drive innovation across brick and mortar locations and other available channels to improve productivity, reduce costs, and better engage and satisfy customers. This innovation takes the form of different technological and non-technological initiatives. Retailers are challenged by implementing and managing the changes while staying focused on their immediate sales goals.

Connect Online and Store Technology for Unified Customer Experiences

Empower Your People to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Connect with Customers

Balance Needs of Your People, Stores & Customers to Drive Growth.

Our Solutions

Abreon steps in to help with proven organizational change management (OCM) and training for retail. We help execute strategic communications across the organization to align everyone from leadership to store associates. We develop and execute training on new processes and technology that is sustainable and meet the needs of geographically-disperse employees—taking into account varying schedules, levels of existing experience, and rates of turnover.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Communication Strategy & Execution
Learning Content Development & Delivery, including Microlearning and eLearning Strategies
What Great Looks Like Role Profiling for Performance Improvement
Business Process Mapping & Documentation

Security Training, Store Training, and Management Training

Translation Solutions

Offerings at a Glance

Technology • Digital Transformation Strategy & Planning
• Omnichannel Change Management
• Technology Implementation & Design
• Configuration, Testing, and Metrics
• End User Adoption
Training • Training Strategy & Delivery Across Locations
• Learning Content Development & Delivery
• Microlearning & eLearning Strategies
• Translations
Systems • Oracle Solutions including Oracle RMS
• SAP Solutions including SAP’s new FMS system
• JDA Solutions
• Manhattan Active™ Omni Enteprise Order Management
• Infor Solutions including Workforce Management

Large Banana Company Reaps the Fruits of More Efficient Training Solution

Corporate Training

Abreon delivered training sessions to 100 employees based on job role, which eliminated unnecessary away-from-job time for employees.


Sixty Custom Courses Gain 100 Percent Participation of 2,000 End Users

Corporate Training, eLearning, Instructional Design

Abreon built approximately 60 courses, including 10 eLearning training courses, for more than 2,000 end users.


Needs Analysis Eliminates Costly Oracle Training Redundancies

Instructional Design, Corporate Training

Abreon conducted an assessment to gauge the educational needs of the client’s employees and used the data to develop a customized Oracle education project plan tailored to the specific needs of the client.


Award-Winning Training & Education Saves Insurer Millions

Training & Education

The blended solution included web-based-training modules and engaging, simulation-based, instructor-led elements that included role-play scenarios and simulations.


Nine-Course Culture Transformation Wins “Best Award”

Instructional Design, eLearning, Translation

Abreon deployed a team of eLearning consultants to collaborate with client personnel to develop a series of nine online, self-administered courses.