Falling in Love with Oracle Cloud

In a romantic movie, falling in love involves a dashing lead wooing another character in less than two hours with a fairly predictable sequence of events.

In real life, the process is much more complicated! A couple must experience four stages before falling in love! So, what does love have to do with Oracle Cloud? Glad you asked. Just like two people falling in love, your employees must experience the same four stages in order to adapt to and fall in love with Oracle Cloud.

Stage 1: Butterflies
Is anything better than that fluttery feeling you get when you hear of something new? When launching Oracle Cloud, employees will feel happy, nervous, and giddy all at the same time. During this stage, you want to keep that excitement alive by engaging executive sponsors. Ask your sponsors to explain to employees what it is, why the organization is doing it, and what they are going to get out of it. Spread the word using videos, town halls, electronic bulletin boards, and your organization’s preferred communication channels.

Stage 2: Building
During this stage, employees may feel uncertain and want to learn more about the change and how it impacts their world. Here, you must begin to show employees how Oracle Cloud is better, not just why. This stage begins with more interactive communication channels and a great training plan.

Start by talking about how people’s jobs are changing and how their departments are impacted. Make it real for them with system and process demonstrations, manager meeting kits, and open Q&A sessions.

Continue with an organized, hands-on training customized to each person’s job role. Each session should be a short, nugget of learning (no more than 2 hours) focused on a specific learning outcome.

Stage 3: Commitment
Now, employees see how Oracle Cloud fits into their daily jobs. They begin applying all the information they learned to ensure a more efficient and effective process. Follow up with assessments, surveys, and focus groups to determine additional messaging opportunities and learning gaps, and to provide remediation as needed.

Stage 4: Stability
Finally, employees become more confident with using the system and find their comfort zone. They know the resources available to them and use them. They should be looking towards continuous improvement and how to use advanced features and functionality of the system. Provide ongoing and easy-to-access performance support opportunities such as lunch-n-learns, an online community, or the Oracle Guided Learning tool. Make it a goal to plan activities and have continued conversations to help your employees grown and learn.

REMEMBER, variety is the spice of life! Before you know it, your employees will LOVE Oracle Cloud.

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