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Leverage SAP Enable Now As Your End User Adoption Development Tool

Whether you are a long-time SAP user or are planning for a new implementation, Enable Now is the ideal tool for end-user adoption development because it was made by SAP, for SAP. As an organization, Abreon has completed hundreds of SAP adoption projects, with numerous Enable Now deployments. We speak from experience when we say that leveraging the right development tool will provide an instant ROI, a better experience for the learners, greatly improved adoption metrics, and easier updates that will help you keep your training materials current.

Enable Now is a rapid development tool that is successfully leveraged for many different applications:

  • Soft Skills Training – eLearning Courses and Knowledge Assessments
  • Software Simulation – Interactive Demos, Practice, and Test Modes
  • Documentation – Manuals, Process Documentation, and Test Scripts
  • Performance Support – Context-Sensitive In-App Content Delivery and Guidance


“While many of our clients use Enable Now to provide just one of these applications, the true value of the platform is realized when it is leveraged to provide several or all of these capabilities.”

A great benefit of working with Enable Now for SAP implementation is the large library of existing content that is specific to SAP. This material covers the processes and procedures that are fairly standard for most, if not all, organizations. This allows you to use these resources as-is, or customize them for your organization, saving time over developing content from the ground up. Global organizations additionally benefit from the semi-automated translation of content into more than 40 different languages.

So if you are looking for the right rapid development tool for your SAP implementation, one that can also be leveraged for most other applications, Enable Now from SAP is the ideal choice.

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