Business Analyst and Project Management Services

Roadmapping Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires that the right technology is implemented in a manner that extracts value through the alignment of people, process, and technology. We can help you by providing an objective lens to identify application requirements, the best technology partner for your initiative, how best to execute your initiative, and how to derive continuous value from digital technology:

  • Stakeholder Analysis – we will help you to identify and then interview the internal and external stakeholders whose participation and buy-in are crucial to your digital success
  • Requirements Gathering – every technology initiative requires a detailed mapping of functional and technical requirements that must be in place in order to achieve success. This vital step of any technology project is oftentimes arduous, but it should not be skipped. Our business analyst experts can help you to identify the features and functions that need to be addressed through the implementation of digital technology.
  • Partner Identification – you know where you want to go, but now you need to figure out who to take with you. We can help! Through our RFP & RFI development services combined with leading-edge vendor technology research, we can help you to find and evaluate an appropriate mix of vendor partners that will meet your technology needs.
  • Project Management – we can help you to plan and execute your project through effective planning and project management.
  • Ongoing Support Planning – once a project is launched, it’s essential to maintain momentum through sustained ongoing support against measurable goals. We can assist you in establishing goals and also ensuring that all participants, including technology support, stakeholders, and end users, are assisting in the success of the initiative.