We Change Behaviors

Our Change Management Pillars Deliver Smooth Transitions

According to research firm McKinsey, change initiatives with effective change management processes realize an average ROI of 143 percent — whereas initiatives with poor change management processes realize an average ROI of only 35 percent.

Our five Change Management pillars — Organizational Alignment, Stakeholder Engagement, Training & Education, Communications Strategy, and Measurement & Metrics — provide proven change-management processes that ensure smooth transitions.

Our Approach

Our Change Management strategies and solutions will help you:

  • Organize and align your people around your change initiative and expected outcomes.
  • Identify every needed change, its impact, and “who needs to know what when.”
  • Create and flawlessly execute an organizational change strategy that ensures maximum employee buy-in and that prepares stakeholders for “day one” and beyond.
  • Design blended learning solutions that empower users and ensure long-term sustainability.

Learn more about our five Change Management pillars below.

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Organizational Alignment

Align business processes and organizational structures.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Manage employees, sponsors, and leaders throughout change.

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Training & Education

Build skills and knowledge necessary for success in the future state.

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Communications Strategy

Create awareness and understanding to build commitment.

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Measurement & Metrics

Track program efficacy and progress toward business goals.