OCM Playbook Solution

The Challenge of Driving Change

The odds are against you when it comes to change—reports show that as many as 75% of change initiatives in business are not successful. Why do so many change initiatives fail? Business leaders who neglect to involve all employees in the process, start managing the change too late, or ignore internal resistance and opposing behaviors are setting their projects against obstacles too steep to overcome.


Engage and prepare all employees to fully adopt the changes.

Effective Project Management

Align processes and expectations to sustain changes with continuous improvements.

Focus on
Business Results

Share a vision for success and the benefits of change for the business.

Our Solutions

Abreon uses proven tools and techniques to ensure all employees are aware, accept, and adopt the change for long-term sustainment and achievement of business goals. Abreon adheres to a set of guiding principles in support of your change journey:

Communicate timely, consistent messages through the most effective channels.
Ensure leaders have the tools and coaching needed to actively and visibly support the change.
Engage champions to facilitate discussions about the vision, benefits, and process changes.
Provide role- and process-based training along with easy-to-use post go-live support resources.
Establish protocols for long-term ownership and future improvements.

Why You Need Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a structured approach to prepare individuals for change to ensure better, faster adoption in support of business goals. By engaging with OCM experts, you are more likely to see success in your change initiatives.

OCM Playbook Solution

Packaged Offerings

OCM Playbook Strategy

Leverage the methodology on one critical business initiative to establish a framework for change management on future projects.

Tools & Templates

Develop additional tools and templates to support the playbook.


Conduct training to embed the change management competency among project managers and leaders.

Competency Development

Conduct workshops with senior leaderships and business owners (project leaders) to ensure successful implementation and sustainment of change management within your organization.


Provide ongoing guidance and tactical support for your projects requiring change management services.

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Abreon is committed to helping you create and flawlessly execute an organizational change strategy that ensures maximum employee commitment and prepares stakeholders for any business change initiative.
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