We Align Your Organization to Orchestrate Change

Our Alignment Process Delivers Expected Business Outcomes

Our Organizational Alignment process clearly defines jobs, roles, performance expectations, and organizational structures to make sure your future state will perform exactly as intended. We apply principles of organization design and development, in partnership with your HR and business leaders, to design the right structure to orchestrate a smooth and successful implementation. We get everyone involved in your change initiative, from senior leaders to the shop floor, onto the same page.

Our Approach

We will conduct:

  • Change-impact analysis.
  • Job/role mapping.
  • Job/role description development and/or revisions.
  • Performance metrics development and/or revisions.
  • Organizational restructuring.

Your Results

  • A process- and job-based view of all detailed changes and impacts, including tasks that people will cease, begin, and continue doing post implementation
  • Individuals and teams that understand how their jobs and/or roles are changing, what will be expected of their performance, and how they fit into the broader organization
  • Clear process owner roles that will drive continuous improvement after your new technology or processes are implemented