Cybersecurity Awareness

Employees are the Weakest Link in Network Security

This is why the latest efforts to gain access to your network use tactics targeting your workforce and exploiting human errors. According to a 2016 report, 91% of cyberattacks and the resulting data breach begin with a phishing email. Educating every employee in order to raise enough awareness to prevent these attacks is a challenge.

Minimize your risk of a corporate cyberattack

Protect corporate, customer, and employee data

Bring cybersecurity to the forefront in your culture

Our Solutions

We combine security expertise, best-in-class training, and a proven change management methodology that drives adoption to:

Safeguard your intellectual property
Create a culture that focuses on cybersecurity and data protection
Fit into employees’ regular work schedule with a minimal time investment
Circulate key messages throughout the organization with branded communications
Confidentially test employees through simulated phishing attacks to test risk levels
Track and report on employees by security risk and deploy education based upon results

Training at a Glance

Password Security Know Your Role Ransomware
Sensitive Information Safe Web Browsing Mobile Device
CEO Fraud PCI Compliance GLBA Compliance
Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Financial Institution Physical Security Credit Card Security

Cybersecurity Awareness

Packaged Offerings

Kick-Off and Notification
Process Identification
Week 1

Meeting with key stakeholders to define and align on security goals:

  • IT
  • Training Team
  • Center of Excellence
  • Other

Confirm tracking and reporting Requirements

Build Campaigns
Months 1-12

Reporting and Follow-up
Months 1-12

  • Generate and Analyze Monthly Reports
  • Identify High Risk Employees
  • Create Mitigation Strategies
  • Execute Mitigation Strategies

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Abreon educates individuals and teams to be prepared against the threat of cyber attacks, with cybersecurity training programs to engage your employees and positively change behaviors.
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