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Empower People to Do Their Jobs Successfully

Today’s employees expect training and skills-building programs that let them learn at their own pace. Self-directed eLearning courses enable employees to weave learning into their workdays, mastering a variety of new behaviors and skills while maintaining productivity. Abreon’s team is constantly exploring new ways to innovate learning—ensuring that we are building content for audiences of different needs and delivering results.

Our eLearning Expertise

Abreon is a recognized leader in the learning industry with proven results for global organizations.

Appliance Manufacturer
A leading appliance manufacturer was looking to control their cost structure to prevent competitors from challenging their products and eroding their market share. Abreon’s eLearning foundation course was required for all 4,000 knowledge workers and 15,000 manufacturing employees.

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International Medical Supplies Company
A large international medical supplies company realized that their instructor-led employee orientation program was time consuming, costly, and inconsistent. Abreon created an alternate model of delivering this training to give employees on-demand access, ensuring the long-term success of the program.

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Major Consumer Goods Organization
A major consumer goods organization was looking to quickly create a baseline knowledge throughout the organization on change management. Abreon built an interactive eLearning course allowing the geographically-dispersed audience to apply their knowledge in a simulated learning environment.

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Multinational Conglomerate
A  multinational conglomerate was in need of interactive eLearning courses to train employees on the SAP Order to Cash product and processes. Abreon completed this course featuring custom graphics, professional audio, and interactive demos, utilizing drag-and-drop activities and knowledge checks to test what the user has learned.

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Industries at a Glance

Abreon has provided learning design and development solutions to a variety of industries:

Financial Services Hospitality Distribution
Telecommunications Oil & Gas Energy
Healthcare Manufacturing Technology
Retail Food & Beverage Government
Automotive Consumer Products Restaurants

Our Solutions

Abreon is a strategic Learning & Development organization that creates exciting, engaging, and effective learning to help people quickly understand critical elements of their roles. We understand the importance of effectively training people to meet and exceed performance measures. It is our goal to make people more productive—using eLearning strategies that deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. We help clients:

Identify training needs and develop customized programs that build organizational competencies and drive business results.
Develop highly interactive eLearning with energetic videos, 3D environments, and gamification.
Create role-based learning plans to maximize productivity.
Provide blended learning to accommodate all learning styles, abilities, and organizational cultures.
Manage large-scale learning programs, training logistics plans, and LMS administration.
Produce learning content in concert with change management, communication, and training strategies.
Ensure learning is effective and measurable to maximize the value of the investment.

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In combination with our eLearning and Microlearning strategies, Abreon executes Change Management and Communication to further drive adoption of new ways of working and new behaviors—vital to ensuring knowledge transfer and sustainable learning. Learn more about the full range of Abreon’s solutions:
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