We Develop Custom Training Curriculum

Our Blended Learning Approach Reduces Time to Competency

Our tenured, skilled Instructional Designers translate complicated technical processes and soft-skill requirements into easily understandable training content. Our designers will collaborate with you to tailor a blended-learning approach customized to the unique needs of your people. The result is training that reduces time to competency as it teaches the new behaviors that employees need to be successful in your organization’s future state.

Our Approach

  • Project management throughout
  • Training-needs analysis:
    • Learner
    • Task
    • System
    • Process
  • Iterative and collaborative custom curriculum development
  • Performance support solutions
  • Blended training strategies that include virtual and face-to-face techniques

Your Results

  • A clear understanding of your organizations’ learning needs and a comprehensive plan to address them
  • Customized training materials that incorporate learning scenarios specific to your business needs
  • “Day in the life” role-specific curriculum that ensures people can successfully do their jobs