Successfully Adopt New Technologies and Processes

We Deliver Maximum Productivity, Performance and ROI

According to organizational change studies, the majority of organizational change initiatives do not fail because of technology or process issues. They fail because of a lack of buy-inĀ and preparation among the people who will use the new technologies and processes. Our proven processes engage, inform, and prepare your people for implementation success.

Our Approach

Our skilled people-change consultants deliver Technology Adoption excellence and high ROI by listening, learning your culture, and leveraging our strong partnerships with leading technology providers, such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

We bring value to every deliverable — we do not simply check deliverables off of a generic list.

Unlike other technology-adoption consultancies, we not only deliver strategy and planning, our professionals create deliverables and execute against the plan to ensure a smooth “day one” transition.

Your Results

  • Fewer disruptions in user performance
  • Increased end-user buy-in and lower resistance to change
  • Decreased support costs
  • Increased momentum and excitement around meeting business objectives
  • End users who can do their jobs on “day one”
  • End users with the support strategies in place to offer a safety net to the business

We Help You Adopt, Optimize and Sustain Implementations For:

  • ERP
    • Exchanges
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Enterprise Service Automation
    • Business Intelligence
    • Asset Management
    • Professional Services Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Partner Relationship Management
    • Employee Relationship Management
    • eCommerce
    • Service and Support
    • Contracts
    • Analytics
  • Proprietary Software Applications
  • Hardware