Successful Electronic Health Records (EHR) Adoption

The Challenges of EHR Adoption

Change management in healthcare practices is most often concerned with a change in technology or product resources that helps facilitate and improve patient care—Electronic Health Records (EHR) adoption is one of the most common change management steps healthcare practices take in their business. It can also be one of the most challenging steps if not managed effectively.

Change is never easy and the ability of your end users to utilize new technology and gain proficiency is very critical to a successful EHR implementation or upgrade. You can avoid challenges by partnering with an experienced change management provider. At Abreon, we help healthcare practices successfully implement and transition to new or upgraded software by delivering change management, planning, education, and training.

Allscripts TouchWorks 17.1 Upgrade Change Solution

Abreon’s Allscripts TouchWorks 17.1 Upgrade Change Solution offers a suite of services—a combination of communication and training activities—designed to help healthcare organizations who are upgrading from previous versions of Allscripts TouchWorks to the 17.1 version.

The Allscripts TouchWorks 17.1 Upgrade Change Solution will help you achieve your education goals more efficiently while providing your employees with a better learning experience. Our comprehensive training courses and eLearning enable employees to learn the new Allscripts TouchWorks version with minimal disruption to the practice. In addition, we also offer customized on-site training to help your end users engage and learn quickly. Our experienced consultants can help you deliver quality training as well as provide your practice with:

  • Best practices scenarios
  • Super-user preparedness
  • Post Training support

Having an effective training plan can make a big difference when it comes to success of your Allscripts upgrade. At Abreon, our goal is to ensure that your employees are able to continue to do their jobs effectively after the upgrade with minimal disruption to the practice.

Customer Benefits:

• Employees understand the value of upgrading
• Program increases speed to competency
• Training is provided at the point of need
• Micro-learning decreases time away from job

Communication & Training Package Information

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Are you planning to upgrade your EHR? Do you have a plan to address how employees will use the new software? How will employees be notified of changes and how will they understand the benefits of the change? Abreon can help you with answers to these questions—providing cost effective, quality solutions to address all of your communication and training needs.

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