Managing Change & Adoption for Office 365

Lack of End-User Adoption is the #1 Reason for Failed Implementations

The transformation to Microsoft Office 365 requires planning, alignment, support, and adoption to reach planned targets. The people-focused areas that make the most impact are: Leadership Alignment & Engagement, Stakeholder Enablement, Communication, and Education. Our packages include basic, intermediate, and advanced feature simulations for Microsoft Office 365.

“Without effective user adoption, productivity losses average 17%. It’s like giving everyone Friday off.”

Source: Neochange/Oracle UPK 4th
annual IT Adoption Insight Report

“2 out of 3 IT projects fail due in large part to user adoption issues.”

Source: IDC Analyst Connection

“79% of why IT projects fail is due to human-related factors we can control.”

Source: 2014 IT Resource Management Survey

Our Solutions

Abreon’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) Program ensures that an enterprise and its employees are prepared for and able to sustain the Microsoft Office 365 changes. In addition, our program uses a proven, four-pronged approach that includes training, communication, end-user support, and measurement. Your organization can take full advantage of our high-quality simulation library and other training tools and templates—branded to fit with your company’s existing learning and communication materials.
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We deliver progressive training, starting with foundational learning and building to hands-on practice to increase user proficiency. Flexible and personalized curriculum paths are determined through self-assessments and manager recommendations—developed using both off-the-shelf and custom-built courses, eLearning, labs, exercises, scenarios, simulations, and more.


Office 365 communications are focused, two-way, and interactive to increase understanding, set expectations, and generate excitement. Key messages about what’s changing, the implementation plan, and post go-live updates are distributed through manager briefings, the Office 365 resource center, email, instant messenger, office posters, tent cards, and more.

End-User Support

A tiered model of support provides for a variety of support mechanisms—ensuring users can find answers on their own through the online resource center, but they can turn to local super users or the help desk if they get stuck. The super user program is all about supporting business continuity during adoption and facilitating the learning curve, which comes with all technology implementations.


Collecting feedback about the OCM program allows for real-time adjustments during implementation and establishes value for future projects. Measurements are collected through change surveys, focus groups and “pulse checks”—brief surveys conducted in the resource center to capture targeted feedback.

Change & Adoption for Microsoft Office 365

Packaged Offerings

Office 365 Readiness Workshops

2-4 hour, on-site workshops for key groups:

  • Senior leadership
  • Business & technology leaders
  • Project team

Includes prep, pre-work, and post discussions

OCM & Communication Strategy Development

  • Leadership roadmap
  • Change champion program plan
  • Risk management
  • Actionable communication campaign to drive awareness

Communications Toolkit

Branded templates include:

  • Presentations, announcements, emails, posters, and more
  • Audience-focused at the organization, leadership, stakeholder, end user levels

End-User Training Strategy Development

Education plan on-site development by a senior consultant

  • Course catalog
  • Learning track
  • Knowledge transfer

Office 365 Simulation Packages

Basic, intermediate, and advanced feature simulations for: Excel, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Skype, Word, Yammer, and others being added

Office 365 Training Add-ons

Additional courses, job aids, exercises, training delivery, custom simulation development

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