Business Process Documentation

The Challenge of a Lack of Process Efficiency

Organizations that suffer from a lack of process efficiency or missing documentation will experience long on-boarding times and high attrition rates. They will be weighed down by wasteful and unnecessary processes that employees are unknowingly performing as part of their daily jobs. Business Process Documentation is a solution that provides a complete description of how to best execute any given business process. To be effective, business processes must be formally designed, structured, documented, and communicated. Any person with a reasonable knowledge of a company should be able to find and read the Business Process Documentation and successfully execute an instance of the process.

Ensure success in role-based training and onboarding

Discover and eliminate process errors and redundancies

Effectively scale your workforce and transfer knowledge

Our Solutions

Abreon works with business process owners and SME’s to capture end-to-end process flows and the surrounding information—for a complete documentation of processes. This enables organizations to identify all nuances that affect the speed and success of performance and provides leaders with the tools to make key business process decisions. Business process documentation helps drive successful results in:

Process improvement initiatives
Training and onboarding programs
Capturing and transferring key employee process knowledge
Large-scale technology implementations, upgrades, and digital transformations

Business Process Templates

In addition to custom business process documentation, Abreon offers templates to ensure customer success around a variety of popular business processes. These templates establish well-defined and replicable ways of working within different technologies—and ensure that your workforce is performing their job functions in the most efficient and effective ways.

Business Process Documentation

Phased Approach

Review Existing Content

  • Align on templates for documenting processes
  • Current process flows
  • Review additional documentation as deemed appropriate
  • Workshops with key process owners and team members
  • Ad Hoc meetings to discuss specific details
  • Review key change impacts already identified

Process Map
Build Draft Process Flows

Including for each:

  • Process Owner
  • Process Purpose
  • Suppliers and Other Resources
  • Inputs and Interfaces
  • Tasks, Events, Decisions
  • Knowledge Requirements
  • Outputs
  • Customers (internal and external)
  • Related People, Processes, Organizations, Locations, and Departments
  • Responsibility (RACI)
  • Metrics
  • Connectivity

Review and Finalize Process Flows

  • Process Flow Walkthroughs
  • Opportunities and Critical Considerations
  • Change Impacts
  • Updates and Edits
  • Final Approval
  • Comprehensive Deliverable Tracker
  • Ongoing and Scheduled Review and Approvals to Accelerate Process
  • Weekly Status Reporting and Opportunity Review

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