HR Transformation

Challenges in HR Transformation

While HR transformation, like other digital transformations, may start with the need to update or consolidate technologies, leaders in HR see the potential in aligning more closely to strategic business goals—enabling HR functions to make a greater positive impact to the business.

To build this impact, the organization needs to redefine how technology, processes, and employees will work together. Setting an HR transformation in motion with new technology but without focused change management and a plan for sustained technology adoption through training and support will leave your initiative open to risks leading to failure.

Build Organizational Capacity for Change & Growth

Drive Speed & Agility for a Successful Transformation


Empower the Workforce with Training & Support for New Technology Adoption

Abreon has Extensive
Experience in a Variety
of HR Technologies

  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Oracle Solutions
  • Workday
  • Infor Solutions
  • and more…
HR Transformation Solution Brief
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Our Solutions

Abreon helps organizations define and deliver a shared vision of HR’s future and the path to success. As new technologies are brought in to support HR transformation, Abreon works to drive technology adoption through a strategic plan including change management, education, and support:

Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Training & Knowledge Transfer
Learning Content Development
Communication Strategy
Executive Alignment
Process Documentation
End-User Enablement with Microlearning and Performance Support
Localization & Translation
Social Learning with Strategy, Governance, and Structure of Online Communities
Performance Improvement

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Abreon is passionate about empowering people to leverage technology to drive business value. We recognize HR transformations as a way to unify and improve technologies, processes, and performance across an organization. We look forward to supporting your team through this and any future transformation.
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