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HR Transformation

Beyond Technology
HR transformation is more than a technology implementation or a system replacement. Most organizations seek to transform their HR functions to create more alignment with strategic business goals—ultimately adding greater value to the business. But to build this alignment, the organization needs to redefine HR and adopt a new mindset for how technology, processes, and employees will work together.

Hoping to set the desired digital transformation in motion with new technology but without focused change management and a plan for sustained technology adoption will leave your initiative open to risks leading to failure. The key to HR transformation success is building a new people system alongside new technology systems.

Engagement, Alignment, & Communication
HR is at the forefront of a shifting workforce with responsibilities to lead the way and drive change while supporting the different needs of the people involved. This requires engagement from a wide variety of stakeholders across leadership, management teams, and employees. Abreon helps organizations define and deliver a shared vision of HR’s future and the path to success—aligning teams under one message. Abreon provides direction and proven strategies for clearly communicating the purpose of the transformation to guide decisions, create a sense of urgency, and inspire the change.

Enabling The Workforce
As new technologies are brought in to support HR transformation, Abreon works to drive technology adoption through a strategic plan including change management, education, and support. Abreon helps organizations build a blended training program with custom and off-the-shelf learning available at point of need with the right-sized amount of information. We have innovative performance improvement approaches to increase the effectiveness of HR leaders. Finally, our consultants are experienced in quantifying the value of the HR transformation by defining key metrics and helping to measure workforce-related results.

About Abreon
With more than 30 years of change management and training experience, Abreon has helped more than 1,200 Fortune 5000 companies overcome human-behavior challenges that are unique to their specific sectors. Our vendor-agnostic approach and proven processes give you the best-in-class skills and tools to prepare your people for any change.

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